We are a company specialized in short-term property management
offering the greatest incomes for your rental

We list your property across all the best channels like Airbnb, Booking, Homeaway, and others.

We handle everything for you

Boost your earnings.
Enjoy your time.
Lay back hassle-free.
Would you like to leave this task in the hands of professionals?

At LINETOR, we offer vacation short-term rental services. If you rent a property on sites like Airbnb and you do not have enough time to manage it. Here we are to handle everything for you hassle-free, taking care of all property operations and at the same time making you earn money without doing anything.

Tourist Apartment Cleanings

Through the years guests’ expectations have gained ground over the cleanliness that is why Linetor is on top of every detail providing well-trained housekeeping and laundry services to guarantee a good stay for the guests like they home.

You want to take care of it personally, but you don’t have enough time?

LOOK NO FURTHER! .... Offer your customers a radiant place to rest, leave in the hands of cleaning experts specialized in tourist apartments. We always assign the same employees to the cleaning service for safety.

Check-in / Check-out


We keep in touch with the guests once the reservation of your apartment is made, hand keys to guests, collect the reservation payment and deposit, in case you do not have time. Besides, we meet and greet the guests at the apartment at the scheduled time, show the apartment providing specific details of your property, and also explain the conditions of the stay. Prices are calculated according to your needs, location, and time.


We collect the keys on the departure day, make sure that everything is fine, check the inventory, inspect the conditions of the apartment, manage any issues with the guest, and give the deposit back.



This new service has become indispensable as those mentioned above since painting or changing a simple pipe is essential to make a pleasant stay for your guests. Unfortunately, sometimes their guests are affected by faults in the facilities, often caused by the inevitable wear and tear of use, or by the improper use of the elements so that’s why Linetor offers the following services:

  • - Plumbing.
  • - Painting.
  • - Electricity.
  • - Heating.
  • - Replacement of broken objects (request by the customer).
  • - Repair of any damage caused in the property.

Prices are calculated according to your needs, location, and time.


Maintaining a satisfied customer requires a great deal of effort that can be lost in a small oversight.

Any incident in the stay is a bad experience for guests that is why Linetor brings you this service support to avoid losing customers.

Prices according to the schedule requested by the customer.


Laundry service including:

* Washing and ironing of bed linen.
* Washing large and small towels.
* Transportation service for them.


Our professional team is specialized in customer service to bring hospitality and comfort around the needs of our valued guests.

We list your property on multiple booking platforms such as Airbnb and Booking, pricing optimization - booking management, remote check-in - 24/7 multilingual guest support, guest screening, cleaning, and laundry services. We take care of everything so you can sit and relax.

We offer a comprehensive service with the best collaborators.

Also make it easy for you to start tourist rental, with a wide network of locals. Collaborators who provide a complete start-up service for your short-term rental.

● Personalized advice ● Architecture project
● Specialized services ● Tax advice
● Professional Photography ● Advice for investors


To access the property either a building, hotel, establishment, or room, Linetor provides a unique virtual key, non-transferable and secure, with which guests and employees can access easily using their mobiles, without needing to install any App. This device is fully operative, and guests have the flexibility to arrive as and when they like.

Thanks to the access systems provided by Linetor, check-in can become something that your customers can do from their mobile phone or a computer connected to the internet, and the virtual password will reach directly to guest mails, without having to go through reception.